Lotte van der Zee Former Miss Teen Passed Away She Was 20

Netherlands: Lotte van der Zee former Miss Teen 2017 passed away, she was only 20 years old.

She suffered a heart attack on a Ski Trip to Westendorf, Austria with her parents.

The Dutch model passed away a day before her birthday.

Her parents,Bert van der Zee and Eugeniek van het Hul, announced her sad demise by sharing the devastating news on her Instagram page. They wrote:

Our pearl, our everything passed away on Wednesday evening March 6th at 22:47. It is incredibly surreal that our dearly beloved Lotte is not around us anymore. Our hearts are truly broken? 
We would like to thank you all again for all the support and heartwarming messages.

Lotte van der Zee Former Miss Teen Passed Away She Was 20

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Lieve allemaal, “Als je verdriet met elkaar deelt kan je verdrietig en gelukkig tegelijk zijn.” Dit is iets dat jullie ons de afgelopen week hebben laten voelen. Daarom willen we jullie ontzettend bedanken voor alle mooie berichten en voor jullie oprechte en liefdevolle steun. Het is prachtig om te zien hoeveel mensen intens met Lotte en ons meeleven. Hoewel de machteloosheid ons in eerste instantie liet denken dat we er alleen voor stonden hebben we uit alle steunbetuigingen juist kracht weten te putten en we zijn ervan overtuigd dat Lotte dit ook zo voelt. Wij ervaren jullie steun als werkelijk hartverwarmend. Lotte’s situatie is helaas nog onveranderd. Wel is ze inmiddels overgebracht naar een universitair ziekenhuis in München, waar zij nog steeds in kritieke toestand onder intense supervisie van artsen in slaap wordt gehouden. We wilden dit graag persoonlijk met jullie delen en waarderen het respect voor onze privacy gedurende deze moeilijke tijd nog steeds enorm. Neem bij vragen alsjeblieft contact op met het management van Lotte. Liefs, Haar ouders – Bert van der Zee & Eugeniek van der Zee van het Hul Dear all, "If you share grief with each other you can be sad and happy at the same time." This is something that you have made us experience this past week. That is why we want to thank you for all the beautiful messages and for your sincere and loving support. It is wonderful to see how many people are intensely involved with Lotte and with us. Even though the feeling of powerlessness made us think that we were in this alone at first we were able to draw a massive amount of strength from all your loving support. We are convinced that Lotte feels this too. Lotte's situation is unfortunately still unchanged. However, she has now been transferred to an academic hospital in Munich, where she is still kept a sleep under intensive supervision of the doctors in order to monitor her health. We wanted to share this with you personally and appreciate the respect for our privacy during this difficult time. If you have any more questions, please contact Lotte's management. Love, Her parents – Bert van der Zee & Eugeniek van der Zee van het Hul

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Her parents said recalling what had happened, during their ski trip to Australia, Lotte had started to feel unwell the entire afternoon. Her condition than escalated into a sudden cardiac arrest.

The beauty queen than fell into a coma, she was kept asleep under intensive supervision of the doctors to monitor her health.

Her parents also reported Lotte van der Zee, she had fallen ill before her 20th birthday. Her parents had decided to let her go after doctors told them her organ’s had stopped working.

Her parents also said speaking to a local newspaper that Lotte was out with her friends night before she felt ill with her friends. She had returned home cheerfully and with no health complaints.

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She did not appear for breakfast in the morning. When her parents went to check upon her they found her ill in the bed.

She was rushed to the near by hospital where she was placed in medically induced coma. From there she was shifted to hospital in Munich and suffered organ failure.

Lotte van der Zee from Enschede in the Netherlands had won the prestigious pageant in 2017, died on Wednesday at a hospital in Munich.

Model Lotte van der Zee

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