Pass a Smile to Win Rs. 100,000 Daily

There’s so much ongoing in Pakistan as one can imagine just by watching television for merely five minutes. To break this depression era, we all need some fun, young and spicy refreshments. Among those is the latest Lays Smiles campaign launched by Lays Pakistan. Lays is on a mission to “Pass A Smile to each other and celebrate as one smiling nation”.


The campaign has been highly successful and endorsed by various leading and most influential Pakistani celebrities including Mawra Hocane and Mahira Khan.


With Lays Pakistan’s pass a smile packs every fan can win thrice. There are Rs 100,000 up for grabs via daily lucky draw for 50 days. Yes!! You’re reading it right. You can win Rs 100,000 daily and that too for 50 times. We wish good luck everyone who aims to try their luck by participating every day.

The campaign is a unique idea brilliantly executed where consumers get to interact with the brand and 50 days of prizes can influence anyone to keep an eye on it. Let’s see who are these fifty lucky winners during this summer.

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