Rihanna supports Indian farmers protest, stirs havoc in India

Few days back, the globally acclaimed pop star Rihanna extended solace towards Indian farmers protest’, in an attempt to raise their voice on International platforms, which was previously being overlooked by the local media outlets.

Rihanna, Indian Farmers Protest
Rihanna supports Indian farmers protest, stirs havoc in India

However, the Barbadian singer’s single tweet has taken the whole neighboring country by storm, fetching some international attention towards the botched Narendra Modi’s regime. Subsequently, to oppose the cause, the Bollywood stars and other celebrities are also stepping in the matter, contributing towards the ‘anti-Rihanna’ and ‘united India’ campaign.

Indian farmers are protesting against the BJP government in the New Delhi region. The demonstrators are demanding that Mr. Modi repeal recent farming laws that would minimize the government’s role in agriculture and open more space for private investors. The government says the new laws would unshackle farmers and private investment, bringing growth. But farmers are skeptical, fearing that the removal of state protections that they already consider insufficient would leave them at the mercy of greedy corporations.

Following the Indian farmers’ protest, India detached the mobile internet supply of the locality, hurling a brutal police attack on the protestors, a favored tactic of the Modi government to thwart protests.

Rihanna, Indian Farmers Protest
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Hence, it was a similar article that read of ‘internet blockade’ on protest site that ignited the Rihanna VS Indian Government conspiracy.

Rihanna promotes Indian farmers’ cause

It all started with a tweet by American musical icon Rihanna that wobbled the neighbors and BJP devotees. The Umbrella singer had shared an article on her twitter handle, regarding the farmers’ protest, with a caption, “Why aren’t we talking about this.”

Hence, soon after Rihanna vocalized on the Indian farmer protest, the previously oblivious topic gained local as well as International recognition, showcasing the ruthless side of Indian government to world. Many people joined the cause and #farmersprotest stole the twitter.

However, the news did not fit well with Narendra Modi’s voters, which includes huge population of renowned Bollywood stars, cricket legends and many others. Consequently, the Indian celebrities came out in support of Indian government, and called out Rihanna for voting in favor of Indian farmers protest without having complete knowledge of the matter.

Moreover, the government pushback was swift, led by Home Minister Amit Shah who tweeted on Wednesday night with hashtags #IndiaAgainstPropaganda and #IndiaTogether. By means of his tweet, Amit had hinted at Rihanna’s message to be preplanned propaganda against the administration. “No propaganda can deter India’s unity! No propaganda can stop India to attain new heights! Propaganda can not decide India’s fate… only ‘Progress’ can. India stands united and together to achieve progress,” he wrote.

And, ever since Amit’s tweet, celebrity personalities from all over India are raising their two cents on social handles, favoring the government and boycotting Rihanna or any other foreign source, who intrudes in their country’s matter. Here are some tweets.

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Greta Thunberg joins the cause

Furthermore, teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg and the niece of US Vice President Kamala Harris, Meena Harris, also joined Rihanna in the Indian farmers protest cause, crushing the oppositions led by the Bollywood celebs.

And, reportedly Delhi police has registered a First Information Report (FIR) against the world famous activist Greta Thunberg who followed in the footsteps of Rihanna and pledged the support Indian farmers’ protest against the Indian government. The report has been tossed against Greta for “brewing an overseas conspiracy and an attempt to promote enmity between groups”.

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