Top 15 Child models of the year 2020

Top 15 child models for the year 2020 are all amazingly beautiful and talented. These little beauties have got fame and fortune at a very young age.

The beauty with innocence has no comparison. Some of these little angels have been branded the most beautiful girl/boy in the world.

These little child models have taken the fashion industry by storm. At such a tender age, they show beauty, innocence, and talent.

Top 15 Child models of the year 2020

1. Violetta Antonova – Russia

Violetta Antonova is five years old from Russia. She such as early age she has already done many fashion shows as well as commercials for children’s clothing. This little beauty one cannot take eyes off has her own Facebook and Instagram pages that are managed by her mother.

2.Graylee Mae – USA

Graylee Mae is a four-year-old child model from the US, born in August 2015.She has been involved in many commercials for children’s clothing. Her father is a former football player, Lance Moore. Her mother Kasey Trione continually posts Graylee’s pictures on her Instagram page.

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3.Cooper LundeKorea

Cooper Lunde is a seven years old Korean-Canadian model born on 01-Feb-2013. Cooper is one of the trendiest kids in South Korea. He has done numerous children wear commercials. he has also been the cover page of many fashion magazines. he has a big fan following. people just love his big brown sparkling eyes.

4.Jare Ijalana – Nigeria

Jare Ijalana is a six-year-old from Nigeria. This little beauty is breathtaking and has been branded as the most beautiful girl in the world. Her beauty took the world by storm. Her photos were taken by a Nigerian wedding photographer and took a few photos for his project and shared online. This is how she rose to fame.

Jare Ijalana was born on January 1, 2014. She is also called black (African) Barbie. Jare Ijalana is now busy with her photoshoots and modeling career.

4.Arisha Lebedeva – Russia

Arisha Lebedev is just five years old from Russia. She is daughter of a well-known model Elena Perminova. This little charmer has lot of admirers all over the world.


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6.Liza Tolmacheva – Russia

Liza Tolmacheva is six years old from Russia. She is just 6 but very active and talented. She loves singing, dancing and acting. She has been part of many shows and competitions at such a young age. She has also done photo shoots for catalogs.

Child models of the year 2020

7.Jordyn Reinle – USA

Jordyn Reinle is eight years old from the USA. She is already a very popular model in the US at such a tender age. She has already seen modeling and appears on fashion runways. She already works with famous American brands. This blue-eyed beauty has a good future in modeling career.


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8.Keeike – USA

Keeike, this doll face beauty is only seven. She is bilingual and can speak English and French.her curly hair, dark eyes, and beautiful smile have captured a lot of followers on social media. She has a contract with modeling agency called V. Pirratte Agency. She is seen in magazine covers promoting clothing.


9.Anastasia Knyazeva – Russia

Anastasia Knyazeva is a Russian child model. She was born on July 10, 2011in Moscow, Russia. This eight-year-old is already modeling for several brands of child clothing.


10.Ava Marie and Leah Rose – USA

Ava Marie and Leah Rose are nine-year-old twins kids from Los Angeles. They rose to fame when their mother started their Instagram page in 2017. They were able to catch the eye of a modeling agency and signed a contract. They are now booking gigs with fashion publications and clothing brands.


11.Lauren Lunde

Lauren Lunde is a twelve-year-old child model from South Korea. She first appeared on hello baby before she was five.


12.Anna Pavaga – Russia

Anna Pavaga was born on November 2, 2009, in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is ten-years-old now but she did her first photoshoot when she was just 3. She hasn’t stopped amazing the fashion world ever since. She has blue piercing eyes and attractive features are already making a huge impact in the fashion world. Her hobbies are modeling and ballet dancing. She has been featured in some music videos and movies.

13.Alisa Samsonova – Russia

Alisa Samsonova is a thirteen-year-old Russian model. She was born on March 7, 2007. She is modeling for many fashion brands and magazines which include Burberry, Armani Junior, Monnalisa, Mischka Aoki, Liu Jo, and Stefania.

14.Sofiya Razuvaeva -Russia

Sofiya Razuvaeva is a fourteen-year-old Russian model based in St.Petersburg. She was born on March 26, 2006. She started modeling from an early age and also took part in many contests. Apart from photoshoots she also takes part in TV shows.

15.Lara and Mara Bawar – Brazil

Lara and Mara Bawar thirteen-year-old twins from Brazil have taken the fashion industry by storm. They are from São Paulo with condition of albinism. Their unique pale features have been sending shockwaves through the fashion industry. They have been signed for Nike, Insanis and Bazaar kids.


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