Wasim Akram laments over littered Karachi beach [Video]

Legendary former Pakistani cricket Wasim Akram has recently uploaded another short-session video clip on his social media handle, once again bewailing over the littered state of Clifton beach. Recorded directly from the reproached location, the cricketer with his video message could be seen glumly criticizing the residents of Karachi, for drawing out the nastiest picture of the beautiful coastline.

Wasim Akram laments over littered Karachi beach

Wasim Akram alongside his wife Shaniera Akram has been social activist since his retirement from cricket world. And likewise the majority of Pakistani population, Wasim also seems deeply obsessed with the Sea view of Karachi, as he is always looking ahead to its upward mobility. Wasim arrived in Pakistan previous month and the first thing on his to do list was to pay a visit to the water serenity. However, the then state of the pleasant seaboard had bought extreme blues to the cricketer, as he soon recorded the wreckage, uploaded it on his social media and appealed the authorities to clean the place.

Going back to September, the port city had turned wrong side up owing to prolonged heavy rainfalls that brought massive destructions all over the city. Hence, Wasim Akram had held responsible the weather extremities and not the netizens for the devastation of seaside. Nevertheless, this time the case is quite different.

Wasim Akram’s video message from Karachi beach

Today [Monday] morning, Wasim and his wife Shaniera had decided to initiate the first day of the forward week with some aquatic scenery, cherishing the nature’s gift. However, in the video that came into public’s eye, the former captain of Pakistani team stated that his decision was a huge mistake. “Look at the condition of beach. Stop blaming others and blame yourself. It’s embarrassing. The whole world says that Pakistan is such a beautiful country with beautiful people, but admit it, that we are a dirt nation too.” – Stated Wasim Akram while rotating the camera to show the daunting condition of Karachi Sea view.

As apparent from the clip, the seashore is indeed at its worst, with the shoreline swamped with shopping bags, wrappers and other litter.

Additionally, Shaniera Akram, wife to Wasim Akram also took it to her twitter profile, sharing the image of the horrible state of Karachi beach.

“Our city is in pain and it’s telling us every day. We are crying out for help but nobody can hear us. This has got to stop! This has bought shame on our city, our people and on our culture. This is not who we are.” – tweeted Shaniera.

Shaniera continued, drawing attention towards city cleanup campaign, as it is the initial step towards hygienic and uncontaminated seacoast and other localities.

“We want the beach clean for good then we need to clean up the city first! Our city is a volcano spewing out rubbish and it’s destroying everything in its path.”

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Moreover, Shaniera shared another zoomed-in video, bringing into spotlight the heart wrenching state of Karachi seashore.

“Our city is sick, our marine life is choking, our people are crying, our children are playing in rubbish and the world is watching us do nothing!”

It is pertinent to mention that Wasim Akram wife Shaneira had commenced a beach cleanup campaign at Karachi last year. Her five months long drive involving the local government and volunteers had borne fruit as a remarkable difference was spotted at the early 2020. Nevertheless, the coast is back at its devastated state and its time for the citizens of Karachi to step into the field and be productive towards the homeland.

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