Faiza Beauty Cream Banned in Pakistan by PSQCA

ISLAMABAD: It is really important to feel comfortable in own skin. It really does not matter if you are black or white. The marketing tactics and juicy advertisement has really poisoned the minds of people.

Anything chemically produced to change the natural looks will definitely have harmful affects sooner or later.

Skin whitening creams, injections and God only knows what else are available in the market today.

Faiza beauty cream produced and marketed by M/s Poonia Brothers is one such cream. Faiza beauty cream has been termed as major health hazard by Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA).

Several notices have been issued to the cosmetic manufacturers over serious health concerns which have been avoided and ignored by the M/s Poonia Brothers.

Faiza Beauty Cream contains mercury, hydroquinone, and steroids. Market surveillance conducted by PSQCA in Lahore and Karachi of the Faiza beauty cream revealed higher than the recommended value of mercury used in the cream. The beauty cream is sold all over Pakistan on wholesale, general stores as well as medical stores.

The PSQCA liaison office Gujranwala has issued notices to M/s Poonia Brothers over the value of mercury being greater than 60 mg/Kg (60 ppm) which is much higher than the limits set by World Health Organisation (WHO) at 1 mg/kg. Mercury-containing skin lightening products are hazardous to health and as a result, have been banned in Pakistan.

PSQCA has reported that Faiza Beauty Cream has been found to contain carcinogenic ingredients that cause hazards to both skin and health.

Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) has issued several notices to M/s Poonia Brothers and raised alarm over the health hazards but they haven’t responded. The final notice was issued on 26 November 2018.

Faiza Beauty Cream, Head, Kashif has been avoiding any kind of response when contacted. It is believed the Faiza Beauty Cream manufacturers have been using political influences and tactics to bury the issue instead of correcting their own fault.

Considering their irresponsible and lackluster behavior PSQCA suggested
“Faiza Beauty Cream’s manufacturing unit at 10 km Allam Chowk Hafazabad Road Qila Didar Singh Gujranwala should be seized/closed as per the law,”

Faiza Beauty Cream Banned in UAE

Faiza beauty cream has already been banned in UAE. The Dubai Municipal
has already warned the public not to use the Faiza beauty cream since it contains ingredients harmful to humans.

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. إدارة الصحة والسلامة في بلدية دبي تهيب بالجمهور الكريم والمستهلكين عدم استخدام منتج "كريم فائزة" وذلك لكونه غير مسجل في قواعد بيانات #منتجي ،بالإضافة إلى احتوائه على مكونات دوائية غير معلن عنها وهي مادة (Hydroquinone)، والتي لا تصرف إلا بوصفة طبية بالإضافة إلى احتوائه على مكونات محظورة مثل (الزئبق) ذات الأثر السُمي على الإنسان، وذلك حسب ما أعلنت عنه وزارة الصحة الموقرة في الدولة في وقت سابق، وعليه تناشد الجمهور الكريم والمستهلكين بسرعة الإبلاغ عن المنتج حال ملاحظة وجوده أو الترويج له والتواصل معنا عبر تطبيق #منتجي أو الاتصال بالبلدية من خلال الهاتف المجاني 800900 (24/7) في كل ما يتعلق بسلامة المنتجات الاستهلاكية The Health and Safety Department in Dubai Municipality calls upon not to use “Faiza Cream” as it is not registered under #Montaji. It is also found to contain undeclared prescription pharmaceutical components like Hydroquinone, and mercury, a chemical with a toxic effect on humans, as previously announced by the Ministry of Health and Prevention in UAE. Therefore, Dubai municipality appeals to the public and consumers to report the product when they see it and communicate with us through #Montaji application, or by contacting the municipality’s call center on 800900 (24/7) to report safety of consumer products related issues. #دبي #بلدية_دبي #الخبر_اليقين #منتجي #Dubai #mydubai #dubaimunicipality #Montaji #no_more_rumors

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The news was also reported by Khaleej Times on January 19, 2018

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