Fight pimples with these highly effective foods for acne

Get rid of bad skin, blemishes, zits and nasty pimples with these greatly recommended and naturally occurring foods for acne, that not only prevents pores opening, pimples and hives progress, but are also proven remarkably effective in getting rid of these offensive skin spots.

foods for acne, pimples
Fight pimples with these highly effective foods for acne

Acne is the un-welcomed skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. Consequently, it causes whiteheads, blackheads, zits or pimples. Though acne affects people of all ages, it is most common among teenagers and adolescents.

Although acne is a natural body phenomenon, it can be triggered by hormonal changes, diet changes, use of various ointments and lotions, weather conditions and many other factors. And, once acne scars make its place on your skin, treatment of it goes from bad to worst, with these ugly spots popping up frequently and greatly in number.

Hence, prevention of acne is a must call, especially if you own a sensitive skin type. And, with these incredible and abundant foods for acne, you can prevent and treat this disorder without need of ointments and medications.

Foods for acne

1. Salmon

foods for acne, pimples

Fishes like Salmon and Tuna etc. contain high number of omega 3 fatty acids. These are a type of fats proven to be effective against inflammation and irritant dermatological conditions, consequently decreasing the acne pores. Hence, consumption of omega 3 rich foods is a beneficial approach for acne treatment.

Moreover, Salmon also helps to lower the amount of IGF-1 protein the human body produces. The protein is linked to pores opening and acne development.

2. Kale

foods for acne, pimples

Belonging to the cabbage family, the leafy green vegie Kale is packed with Vitamin A, B6 and K, magnesium, calcium, copper, potassium and many other essential nutrients that helps fight acne and promotes radiating, rosy skin. 

Furthermore, the antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients present in this plant collectively works to lessen hyperpigmentation, which evens the skin tone, whereas Vitamin C also promotes collagen formation, helping to repair acne scars faster by increasing cell turnover rate.

3. Lemon

foods for acne, pimples

Lemons work as a natural astringents, wiping off the blemishes, blackheads and ugly spots from your skin unmistakably. Fresh lemon juice or lemon peel is proven active against free radicals. Other than that, it also improves collagen formation and acne lightening, and is therefore among the highly effective foods for acne.

Here to mention, although lemons can do wonders to your skin, using it as a topical treatment isn’t recommended. Straight lemon juice is too acidic and can damage your skin’s barrier, causing it to lighten or darken too much after exposure to sunlight.

Hence, use of squeezed lemons as a part of diet, over salads, or with a serum is recommended.

4. Berries

foods for acne, pimples

Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries and blueberries, though appear as the tiny, innocent beads, can do miracles to your skin. Berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, the two key elements in combatting acne and other skin conditions.

Vitamin C acts against blotchy skin, whereas the antioxidants stimulate anti-inflammatory effects and washes away the dark spots and pimples.

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5. Legumes

foods for acne, pimples

Most acne friendly foods have one thing in common. And that is high sugar content. However, legumes, lentils and beans, are all known for their low-glycemic property, that keeps the blood sugars in control, and are therefore the best choice of foods for acne.

6. Papayas

foods for acne, pimples

Papayas are packed with a digestive enzyme called papain, which is a massively effective skin friendly, anti-acne agent.

On the skin’s surface papayas exfoliate dead skin cells, wipes clogged pores, hydrate skin with its water content, diminish acne scars, and also prevent future breakouts of pimples and hives.

In addition to this, vitamins and minerals in papayas improve skin elasticity and can help drive out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your smooth skin.

7. Cauliflower

foods for acne, pimples

Cauliflower is rich in Vitamin B6, C and K, fibers, folate, phosphorous and magnesium etc. that mutually fights pimples, blemishes and zits.

Also, cauliflower contains a powerful amino acid histidine that prevents harmful UV rays from causing dark spots on your skin.

8. Sweet Potatoes

foods for acne, pimples
Sweet Potatoes

Retinol, a vitamin A derivative, is ideal for fighting acne and warding off wrinkles. It is therefore the reason majority of anti-acne serums, creams and ointment contains Retinol.

Sweet potatoes are a naturally occurring source of Retinol, which assists fight acne and other skin problems, and is hence considered the highly effective foods for acne.

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