Jinnah Hospital Lahore Making Artificial Skin For Burn Victims

Lahore: Jinnah Hospital Lahore has come up with a cost-effective solution and making Artificial Skin for Burn Victims of Pakistan.

Hundreds of burns of victims are reported in Pakistan due to acid attacks and other related burn accident.

Jinnah Burn & Reconstructive Surgery Center will revolutionize the lives of acid attack victims through their new cost-effective artificial skin.

To treat the victims of acid attack the burns center of Jinnah Hospital in Lahore uses imported skin. The imported skin cost around 900 Dollars per square inch. This cost was not affordable for the usually poor and vulnerable victims.

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CNN report suggests Dr. Rauf Ahmed, an assistant professor at the center in an interview has said, his breakthrough will cost only 5 Dollars per square inch.

Trypizine an enzyme is used to cultivate artificial skin, Dr. Rauf Ahmed has come up with a substitute and that is sodium chloride (salt). Salt is widely available and is much cheaper.

Artificial Skin Tested On Animals

Dr. Rauf has also said his artificial skin has been initially tested on animals. The test on animals was monitored for six months.

He also said the first trial on human started in October 2018. It is due to complete this summer.

The artificial skin is being tested on five men and eight women. Six of them are acid attack victims. The rest were victims of the fire.

So far the results are outstanding with no side effects.

Depilex Smile Again Foundation

The Depilex Smile Again Foundation in Lahore has been paying for acid attack victims to rebuild their faces.

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According to the program manager Abdiya Shaheen Qadri, each victim requires Thirty to Forty surgeries and skin grafts.

The cost of this repairing damages is up-to 600 Dollars per patient.

Most of the victims cannot afford the procedure, The Smile Again Foundation definitely welcomes this initiative of Dr. Rauf Ahmed.

To Donate For Depilex Smile Again Foundation CLICK HERE

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