FBR launches Irs-ADX offline application for Tax Payers

In continuation of FBR’s policy of facilitation of taxpayers and ensuring ease of doing business, IT wing has launched Iris-ADX (Asynchronous Data eXchange), an application that allows the taxpayers / E-intermediary to prepare data related to Income Tax return and Wealth statement in Offline mode.

The taxpayer / El will download Iris-ADX application from FBR website available here and install it on his personal computer / desktop. Salient features of the application includes:

  • Prepare Income Tax Returns;
  • Prepare Wealth Statement;
  • Multi-user environment;
  • Facility to Prepare Income Tax returns without requirement of connection with Internet;
  • In case of bulk data, application streamlines the data communication process as application and Iris online system can exchange information at their own pace;
  • Configurability to allow simultaneous preparation and uploading of returns related to multi taxpayers;
  • Seamless uploading of prepared data to FBR repository;
  • Offline MIS reports;

with the launching of this application, the taxpayers / El will be able to prepare Income Tax returns without having to remain connected with the internet, thus the issues related to connectivity, peak load, system downtime etc. will have no effect on the speed / efficiency of data entry.

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