Overview of corruption in Pakistan

Corruption remains a substantial obstacle for Pakistan where it is still perceived to be widespread and systemic. Petty corruption in the form of bribery is prevalent in law enforcement, procurement and the provision of public services in Pakistan .

The judiciary is not seen as independent and considered to be shielding corrupt political practices from prosecution. Various efforts over the past years have tried to develop institutional mechanisms to address these problems.

A National Anti-Corruption Strategy, which was developed in 2002, offers a comprehensive plan for tackling corruption. The executing agency, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), is endowed with comprehensive powers to investigate and prosecute cases. However, a lack of political will, coupled with the perceived co-option of the judiciary and the arbitrariness of many anti-corruption proceedings, are major obstacles.

Earlier last week NAB Chief said daily corruption of Billions in Pakistan out of which 65% is being done in Punjab province only, PPP , PML(N) , PML (Q) are the top listed where as PTI and MQM has no Corruption record so far. These are 5 major political forces in Pakistan, This overview gives you summary detail of what is happening and there is lot more than there which is not on up front, thou Media Current Affairs channels been a useful tools to uncover but yet not enough to coupe up with the ratio exists in this Country, even Electronic and Print media been Tagged ” Yellow Journalism ” in which specific 10 to 20 journalists anchors involved, they know very well how to twist and turn the stories, even sacked from one channels there is no following of CoC by PEMRA joins another channel with new presentation and becomes a new born baby ( Sinless ) , on a wide scale corruption has became the part of daily life in which not only government but people are doing it to make out the living there is very difficult to point truthful honest and Not Corrupt person in this country if he is related to Government or Media specially.
May Allah Bless Pakistan but this Cancer has spread over the limits to cure 3rd degree would be wrong to say but if there is something above it that’s whats happening.

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