Safety tips for driving in foggy weather

Smog or Fog causes poor visibility on highways and motorways causes fatal accidents, It is important to follow these Safety Tips for driving in foggy weather on National Highways and Motorways. 

Avoid driving at night due to dense Fog and low visibility, 

  • SlOW DOWN – Before you enter fog
  • Turn On fog lights – Even in daylight for the visibility (Use Low Beam lights) 
  • Drive Slow – Stay focused
  • DO NOT STOP along the side of the road, unless its absolutely necessary 
  • Use Roadside Highway reflectors as guides to determine road curves ahead of you
  • Avoid passing other vehicles 
  • Roll down your window – listen to the traffic you are unable to see
  • DO NOT play music
  • Leave plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to account for sudden stops or changes in the traffic pattern.
  • Keep Tail lights and head lights on to let other vehicle notice you 
  • Obey all related warning signs

NHA/Motorway Helpline 130

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