Snatched & Stolen Phones gets repacked and sold as New

As far I know 90 percent people been the victim of snatching and phones got stolen specially i am talking about Pakistan, where it is the easiest thing for anyone to do since weapons are way cheaper than the smart phones, till few years back reports used to come even on our media channels and police used to issue the list of FIR’s ( Snatched and Blocked ) by CPLC department, so what exactly happens when your new phone gets stolen or snatched on a gun point?

Karachi Market survey, 60 percent are sold there which are look used after getting IMEI number changed 40 percent which are totally mint new phones gets in the New boxes since box printing is not a big issue including all the accessories even with New Warranty card ( Not by the company but Fake one, since it has no SEAL or Valid way to check right when you buy unbox it.

The Only thing which remains to the actual owner is the Warranty card which is the authentic proof that it was your phone, because the other half of it goes straight to the company that this phone has been sold, which means only you and the company share IMEI number, rest after reprogrammed and boxed with Fake Warranty card it gets packed as New and sold specially in Interior ( Rural Areas ) or the small cities where company outlets are not available.

People Buy these phones like normal one until the day some problem occurs with the phone and they had to take it to the customer service center for repairing, that is where Company connects the phone and check, obviously the phone which is re-programmed has been jail breaked and unbreaked or Rooted and Unrooted after which company finds out that the actual IMEI number is not this and the warranty card you provide becomes invalid now company doesn’t announce it openly because it would affect their market strategy sales. But they don’t fix it on that fake card, many cases reported in Advanced telecom , MobileZone and Qmobile specially, in which Re-Packed sets sold as new are found reprogrammed and actual IMEI number can be traced by the company easily.

Fooling a Computer is difficult as compared to the customers and buyers. Same Warranty cards new ones get printed like 5000/- and distributed through out Pakistan of the same model on which IEMI and other information is last-minute computerized printed. This is what happens to almost brand new phones here in Pakistan. Elsewhere in the world when company detects that this phone is reprogrammed they inform the authorities and the owner who got this phone for repairing asked where he got it from to make a chain from where this all started and the phone after reprogrammed sent to Police which already has the FIR of the phone returns to the owner, but unfortunately In Pakistan no such thing happens.

Here even my phone got snatched on a Gun Point and by now I am pretty sure It has been sold in a new box with different TAG of IMEI etc…. with Warranty card. How to know the difference?

here’s the tricky Part, lets say the actual company retail price is 20,000/- and in market they are selling it for 20,500/- keep a little margin from buyers end instead of sellers commision they would give it 19900/- the customer would think wow I am lucky to get the phone less than a market price ( THE CHARM ) shop keepers know which are the actual one and which are re-packed you cannot make a difference, usually in small cities and towns it is happening daily. So It is my advice to all that to get the phone from authenic souce, outlet whom you know deals in Phones and person isn’t a cheat else there is hell of a cheating even in New Phones.

When we talk about used phones, you hardly get box and other stuff new along with it, Market fellows arrange it all and shows you like it came along with it, 60 percent of those phones are stolen sets after reprogrammed selling off again. If you get a chance to go in Sadar Market Karachi you will hear shopkeepers saying to you ” Wonna sell your phone ” it is like they are waiting to grab it ! because the margin is outclass.

Be careful because people in market aren’t trusted sources unless they have companies authentic dealership it is like every tom , dick and Harry is doing the business daily and making money sending phones from here to small cities and towns where hard to even trace where it came from since Pakistani Police’s FIR system isn’t computerized.

I decided to Start My Online selling just after getting complaints from many people about the market fluctuation where they are charging more than actual rates, this is why I wanted to keep fair retail actual prices so I have started Faree’s Smart and I am not a greedy person by nature for me Trust and Care relation between buyer and me matters more than these phones and from this New Trend I am trying to get the actual tested verified thing to the people who trust me. Rest Decision is yours markets are open for all.

Farhan Imaan

Faree’s Mart

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