AASIA, AAFIA or Funds? Has Govt planned a deal?

Aasia Bibi, along with her family, is in Rawalpindi at an undisclosed location, according to authentic sources privy to the situation.

The European countries, Italy Netherlands and France have offered to protect Aasia Bibi and her family. However, the government has to decide the deal.

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani invited Bibi and her family to Europe. In a letter, Mr. Tajani tells Bibi’s husband Ashiq Masih, that the European Parliament is “extremely concerned for your safety as well as your family’s, due to the violence by extremist elements in Pakistan.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan seeks for the best option

AASIA, AAFIA or Funds? Has Govt planned a deal?

Aasia for Aafia?

The sudden twist in the story is not digestible, However, Government itself introduced Aafia Siddique’s letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, which was an unexpected plot.

According to Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, Aasia Bibi is still in Pakistan. But can we believe the same Government which denied the news of Israeli plane landed in Pakistan? The MiddleEastEye differs.

According to sources, Government wants to make a deal with either United States to trade Afia Siddique and extra coalition funds with Aasia Bibi or with European counterparts in exchange of funds.


Religious Parties have already geared up to kick off the countrywide march from today (Friday) against Supreme Court’s verdict of Aasia Bibi.

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Keeping in view the earlier protest and government’s agreement with Tehreek-e-Labbaik (TLP) to put Aasia Bibi’s name on Exit Control List (ECL) so she cannot leave the country, how would the government manage the whole fiasco?


The State Minister for Interior has categorically said that “Government cannot put her name on ECL as Supreme Court has given its verdict of not guilty.”

It appears that Aafia siqqiue’s letter came just exactly on the timeline when the entire country is focused on Aasia Bibi’s departure, this cannot be a coincidence.

The Government is good at maligning and manipulating the story as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is well-known for U-Turns. It is highly doubtful that Government lets her fly without any deal either with the United States or Europeans.

There’s something cooking back in Rawalpindi and in Islamabad which public is not aware of at all. But Aasia Bibi is expected to depart from the country by today’s evening in case the talks with either parties become successful. The protests are highly likely to erupt across the country from today.

Whatever the outcome is, Pakistanis have to bare the consequences.

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