Altaf Hussain Speech Anti-Pakistan 22 August 2016 [Full Video]

The Chief of MQM Altaf Hussain has crossed all limits today when he gave an anti Pakistan hate speech. In his speech Altaf Hussain called and asked his followers to call DG Rangers Maj. Gen. Bilal Akbar “Yazeedi” and “Munafiq” for his actions.
Later in the speech he called his workers to vandalize, destroy and dismantle the properties of ARY News, SAMAA, Geo News, Sindh Government and Sindh Rangers because they are not airing/allowing to air “Bhai”.

Altaf hussain said in his pig voice : “Go and destroy the offices of Geo and ARY as they can’t be allowed to continue to work without giving him proper airtime.”

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He also vowed to kill and hang DG Rangers and COAS.

Here is the playlist containing all the parts of his speech

Altaf Hussain Speech Anti-Pakistan 22 Aug 2016

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