Asad Umar Steps Down As Finance Minister: Press conference

ISLAMABAD: Asad Umar has decided to step down as Finance Minister, instead of accepting energy portfolio offered by the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Asad Umar served as the Finance, Revenue, and Economic Affairs Minister of Pakistan from 20 August 2018 to 18 April 2019.

Earlier Asad Umar had announced his decision through a tweet. He tweeted

As part of a cabinet reshuffle PM desired that I take the energy minister portfolio instead of finance. However, I have obtained his consent to not take any cabinet position. I strongly believe @ImranKhanPTI is the best hope for Pakistan and inshallah will make a naya pakistan

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Addressing a press conference Asad Umar said, his decision to step down from the Finance Ministry and not accepting any other cabinet position does not mean he will not support PTI.

He said his services will always be available to support the vision of Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan.

Addressing the press conference he also said he spoke to PM Imran Khan last night and also meet him in the morning and shared his decision and convince the Prime Minister.

However, Asad Umar is still hopeful for the future of Pakistan and supports the vision of Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan. He also said we just need to take a few strong decisions and need patience and tolerance.

He also said the country is going towards IMF and the upcoming budget will reflect it, he added it is already too late, the next person should have come in earlier, at least a month ago.

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He also thanked the PTI youth for their enthusiasm and support.

Asad Umar Press Conference

PTI Official is also tweeting Asad Umar’s Quotes

I came here to work. I came here to contribute. I didn’t come for any positions. I don’t know if there’s been a conspiracy. My Kaptaan didn’t see me fit for the role, we had the discussion and that’s that.

I was reminding the PM that the day I agreed to join PTI; I told the PM that you have nothing to give to me that is of interest to me. This I am doing for Pakistan. & he said this is exactly why I want you to join. I truly believe Imran Khan will still change Pakistan.

Just compare the first 8 months of PPP and PMLN vs the first 8 months of PTI. We had the biggest economy burden but we have still performed better than both of them in the first 8 months

Pakistan is going into an IMF program. So the detailed implementation decisions taken now, the new FM needs to be fully involved in it now

Our economy is going through a tough time and opposition is using it to score points. The new team will face its difficulties too. But like I asked for time, you will have to give them time too

The Pakistani FM’s responsibility is to the 21 crore of Awaam. If I have to make choices where there is 2-3 months of uncertainty in capital markets vs destroying the awaam, I will always choose the awaam.

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