Azan heard across country at 10 pm to combat coronavirus

Azan the call for prayer is heard across country at 10 pm today.

The call for prayer was heard to ask Allah for his mercy and to protect every from the deadly coronavirus.

Maulana Bashir Farooqui had requested the nation to recite call for prayer all across the nation at 10 pm tonight.

Maulana had asked all the Masjid (mosques) to recite Azan at 10 pm and had asked everyone to come out on their rooftops to recite Azan.

The people across the country complied with Maulana’s request and as a result call for the prayers were heard from the mosques in all cities of Pakistan.

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along the call for prayer from the Masajid people did come out on their roof to recite the Azan.

According to Maulana The Prophet Mohammad used to recite Azan at the time of difficulties.

To ease the pain the suffering caused by the coronavirus outbreak the Maulana suggested the nation do the same and for the mercy of Allah.

call for prayer at Karachi

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call for prayer at Faisalabad


Anyone hearing azan being called out from the rooftops? My papa and baby cousin just came back downstairs and I tell you it was so so soul stirring.

Feelings of people

Heard call for prayer at 10pm then i rushed to my terrace just to see what is going on so many people on their terrace giving call for prayer and i also played my part and when we finished azan suddenly i felt rain drops Seriously it was wonderful feelings

My entire soul shook as I heard Azan. May Allah forgive us, undoubtedly he’s the most merciful.

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