Workers should get Afghan Nationality: Achakzai

Mehmood Khan Achakzai, chairman Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party PMAP, has asked his workers to get Afghan nationality.

According to a local daily Urdu newspaper, Mr. Achakzai has asked his workers from Milli Awami Party to get nationality in Afghanistan. He further said he wants to have an Afghani passport but due to legal compulsion, he can’t have one.

He was addressing at the anniversary of PMAP workers martyred on 7 Oct 1991 attack in Quetta. He demanded a separate province based on Pushtoon units.

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He asked if millions of Pakistanis can have dual nationalities in several countries of the world, why Pakistani Pushtoons can not have an Afghani nationality.

He said any worker who is not planning to be active in politics should get themselves an Aghani passport.

Achakzai Afghani nationality

Mr Achakzai claimed that a democratic Pakistan and a democratic Afghanistan can be good neighbours. Criticizing the border fencing he said Pushtoons cannot be divided by using fences.

He further said that accountability should be across the board. Any judge or general shouldn’t be above the law. The constitution is not just a piece of paper and should be applied to everyone.

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