Bicyclist Samar Khan gets ‘groped’ by stranger in Islamabad

The incident happened on the busy streets of Islamabad where Samar Khan, who is a bicyclist and social activist, was openly ‘groped‘ by an animalistic stranger while she was riding on her bicycle, heading for an event in Faisalabad.

Samar Khan, Islamabad, Groped
Lady-biker Samar Khan gets ‘grobed’ by stranger in Islamabad

The whole scenario was explained by the bicyclist Samar Khan herself, as she stopped her journey and uploaded the video on her Facebook page, voicing out her public harassment.

For Pakistani women, possessing a safe and secure bubble with dignity and respect seems no less than herding cats, precisely if you’re independent, ambitious and lively women. Following the Lahore motorway gang rape and 5 years old Marwah’s sexual assault, another horrible molestation incident stole the spotlight.

Details of the Samar Khan harassment incident

The award-winning Pakistani cyclist Samar Khan was peacefully escorted to her destination in Faisalabad, when she fell prey to the surpassing biker’s monstrous lechery. As she articulates it, an apparently educated motor-biker, wearing a maroon shirt, carrying a bag-pack on the back seat slowed down opposite to Samar, as he continued with floundering her from behind.

As soon as the victim felt touching sensation on her back, she immediately confronted him publicly, yelling in the middle of the busy street. However, as none took notice of the on-going public assault, the obnoxious creature in return smiled at her, as he sped forward leaving the poor Samar completely vulnerable and helpless.

Sharing it right now after chasing another desperate animal, another day as we women need attention, what else would we do to make our lives exciting ?? Right?#MeToo ?? Wo to bs Islam se doori ka nateeja hai!!Atleast ruka to kro haath lganay k baad, have sm balls to face that woman you harass!!Jaanwar!!

Posted by Samar Khan on Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Adding to the depressing story, the audacious Samar Khan chased her culprit for quite a distance but to no avail,as she was on her bicycle and couldn’t cope with the biker’s quickness.  

Furthermore, soon after the horrendous happening, Samar Khan parked her bike at the corner and recorded the whole incident in a video clip, which was later uploaded on her Facebook page. In her video, Samar mentioned that she will not blame any higher authorities or the government for this tormenting event, nevertheless she did question her male followers, what pleasures do they get with these 5 seconds of inhuman and callous act. Additionally, she also shared how every other traveller noticed the occurrence but never intervened or tried to save her.

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As soon as the video was posted, it went viral as every individual expressed their views over the incident. In another live session at Facebook, Samar Khan revealed when there was majority of the population supporting the cyclist and expressing sympathies, there were few narrow-minded people who blamed her for her dressing and cycling. She also received several feedbacks, calling the whole incident nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Here to mention, Samar Khan will be live at geo news today at 9 Pm, where she will publicly share her assault story.

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