Billions Of Rupees found in a bank account of a dead Man

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) found Billion of Rupees found Yet another Mysterious deposits into a Bank Account of a dead man in Karachi.

Ever since the Zardari & Co are being Investigated in money laundering case Billions of rupees are circulating in anonymous accounts, recently found in a dead person Iqbal Arain, who passed away on May 9, 2014.

3 Mysterious accounts were opened on his name after his death and A total of 4.6 Billion worth of transaction were found.

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The series of Fake Bank Accounts continues to question on State Bank Policies and Private Banks in Pakistan. How such huge amount transfers into a person’s account who died years ago.

Federal Investigation Agency continues its probe in a high-profile money laundering case involving fictitious ‘benami’ bank accounts.

Earlier, Auto Rickshaw driver found 4 crores 90 lacs in his account when he checked ATM slip and a student from Larkana became a billionaire when he checked his account bank statement.

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