Chanar-e-Kashmir Panel Defeats Rising Kashmir – JSKO (IIUI)

Islamabad: The Elections conducted in the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) of the Jammu Kashmir Student Organization (JKSO) conduct on 5 December.

Chanar-e-Kashmir defeats Rising Kashmir, Chanar-e-Kashmir was lead by Danayal Jabran Khattak student of Faculty of Shari’ah & Law and now the President of JKSO for the next year.

Danaya Jabran Khattak
Danaya Jabran Khattak

The Rising Kashmir was lead by Aamer Gorsi Student of Computer science and x-president of JKSO.

Aamer Gorsi by Raising kashmir
Aamer Gorsi

According to results released the process of Polling continues from 8 PM to 5 PM, Totaly 478 voters appeared to cast their vote. Polling process held at Student Activity center IIUI.

This is the highest turnout of voters that appeared in the JKSO polling process so far to use their rights.

The Chanar-e-Kashmir bagged 264 votes and Rising Kashmir bagged 212 votes Chaner-e-Kashmir wins by 52 votes.

Like every year this year’s election for JKSO body was announced and the date for polling was confirmed as 4 December but later on, the election was delayed on 3 December`s night that was announced as 5 December on every next day. The first time when the election date was announced many parties start companies for their panels.

A number of candidates for president start their companies include Danayal Jabran Khattak, Aamer Gorsi, Aman Ullah Mani, and others. But at the very last night before the election, many groups announced with Aamer Gorsi which include Ama Ullah Mani as G-S.

J&KSO cabinet President Danyal Jabran Khattak, G-S Syed Sanan, Vice President Muhammad Mateen, Joint Secretary Sardar Haider Nisar.

Election Commissioner: Raja Hasib is the election commissioner. He is a lawyer, Former Chairman, and President of Law Students Council IIUI.

Raja Hasib election commissioner
Raja Hasib

After the announcement of the results of the election by election commissioner JKSO all students walk towards Royal Cafe from Activity center with the slogans for Azadi Kashmir. A tea party was arranged by the wining panel were both panels, election commissioner and others are present.

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