ECP faces technical glitch failed to update Election results online

Election Commission of Pakistan’s Official website faces technical glitch while transmitting electoral results. according to ECP Presiding officers had to submit a copy on the web and to returning officers using Smartphone app dedicated to submit results directly on ECP official website.

ECP spoke person said, Result Transmitted System (RTS) failed to submit queries above 25,000 entries at a time, whereas approx. 84,000 entries were expected to be submitted using ECP RTS app to RMS, meanwhile entire pakistan is accessing the website at the same time since yesterday 7pm.

ECP official dedicated server failed to handle 80k database queries at a time.

ECP Official dashboard  RMS (Results Management System )
ECP Official dashboard  RMS (Results Management System )

ECP Official dashboard  RMS (Results Management System ) Click here

Up till now ECP has not announced any result officially, Media houses are announcing on their ground sources however for the official result manually submission instead of RTS to Results Management System on ECP’s official has been started and expected to show official results within next few hours.

We are updating because, there’s a confusion among voters and candidates about the system failure and the delay being faced – NO Official result has been announced until now.

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