Expected Changes in 2017

In Year 2016, we witnessed the failure of Samsung Note 7 “The Explosive Smartphone” disappointed Samsung fans although iPhone 7 also made the similar headlines but didn’t get much attention, I consider year 2016 as the year of Drones :/  well let’s talk about our local market in Pakistan.

Year 2016 

Qmobile launched Z12 and Z14 flagships and other variants as Z12 Pro etc.. like always captured the market since Samsung disappointed badly and went on the backfoot apart from Samsung Alpha series we did not find any good from them meanwhile they kept fooling with J Series ( Mid-range Smartphones)

Infinix Zero 4 – Launched in Q4, couldn’t get much attention due to fail marketing strategy and XOS UI which is filled with bugs, however Note 3 Pro turned out to be successful in terms of battery, display, features, quality but slightly disappointed due to it’s price over 20k – In Novembet INCPak team offered to sort out the issues but Infinix fellas acted arrogantly so we stop working on Infinix Smartphone Roms.

Oppo kept advertising of selfie phone – all the tech geeks know that’s just a filter nothing else #BeautyMode ON reality Gone !

What’s ahead in 2017?  Tech Forecast

well almost all the companies are pushing to the limits, expecting 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM to 128RAM as normal this year, we might see 6GB RAM by the end of the year which makes smartphones perfect for the gamers, 4k QHD/ AMOLED display and there’s a possibility of The Return of Ratina display as well, apart from that we might see dual display and better battery timings this year.

The current graph of high-end smartphones will fall into medium range smartphones by the end of the March (Q1) Samsung S8 is expected by March and so as Qmobile Z15 by the end of the january.

Xiaomi steps in Pakistani market and it will definately going to give tough time to Samsung (mid-range) , Qmobile, Huawei, Infinix and Oppo – Unfortunately we don’t have LG and Motorola available in our market.


Pakistan Forecast

As CPEC starts up in a flow “China Pakistan Economic Corridor” we might get Chinese products on a reasonable rates as Pakistan and China jointly working on massive projects, they cannot ignore Information Technology at all and we’ll see the improvement in Internet Speed, Accessibility, Gadgets and even in Pakistani Assembled Chinese Vehicles or they might import it up – China is next door for us.

January  ” The Rise of the Fuel Prices” Sad indeed, Government of Pakistan has already re-shuffled CNG Price and expecting in January they might rise the fuel prices which will effect our economical growth overall. The Government has failed in tax collection they are way behind from there designated target so technically fuel will be adjusting it completely.

Good News is – Karachi boosting up once again, after a decade of turmoil violence, killings, torture (Mental and Physical) kidnapping and street crime, we’ve seen massive change in Law & Order situation, special in Pakistan Stock Exchange which is booming – Metropolitan city is on a verge of utilizing it’s old resources like “Karachi Circular Railway” Mega project for mass Inter-city transportation  expected 20 stations across the city and 18 hours active railway service, Here in Karachi Metro-Bus project won’t be able to move millions from one place to another, we need trains like Mumbai.

M9 Motorway ( Karachi-Hyderabad) Under construction since 15 months horrible diversion these days but expected to be complete by August 2017 – once it’s ready The Toll Charges will be atleast Rs 220/-  at this moment only Rs 30 this change will effect the passengers those who travel by buses and coaches until sideline highway gets completed by 2018.

Political activities will be on high rise as Pakistani People cannot live without headlines and deadlines and expecting 50% drop in load-shedding as 2017 gonna be one hell hot year.

Pray that Sindh gets slightly younger Governor as the current one is counting his last breaths, meanwhile MQM decides which one is MQM Pakistan and which one is MQM London.. seriously confusing!

PSP – Mustafa Kamal already knocked down MQM voter in Karachi with the slogan ” Kalam aur Computer ” personally appreciate his strategy as compared to ” AK47 and Weirdo Nicknames ”

PTI failed to makes its place in Interior sindh and punjab even after tons of Dharnas, March and April Fools in September – PMLN less performing more busy in hiding corruption.

PPP – Zardari Senior and Zardari Junior booked there seats in National Assembly to defend PM Nawaz Sharif.

A Happening year 2017 !

Last but not least – INCPak Team working on something big and we’ll make it public when it will be ready – we are silent but don’t consider us dead :)

Until 2017 – A very happy new year and May Allah Bless us all. Ameen



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