Fake Blood Report of Sharjeel Memon

According to Agha Khan Hospital Lab reports, A test report has revealed that no trace of alcohol was found in the blood samples of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Sharjeel Memon.

Agha Khan Lab fellas found : Honey and Cooking oil in Sharjeel memon’s blood.

Fake Blood Report of Sharjeel Memon

Fake Blood Report of Sharjeel MemonThe report is fake according to Dr.Shahid Masood (Senior Journalist) He says – “PPP leaders know this report is fake”.

Fake Blood Report of Sharjeel Memon


Bottles did not contain alcohol

A report by Chief Chemical Examiner, Dr Zahid Ansari states that the bottles recovered from Memon’s room did not contain alcohol.

During the CJP’s visit, two bottles were found in the room.

According to the report, one of the bottles contained honey and the other cooking oil.

According to PPP spokesperson,  Honey and Cooking oil was found in Sharjeel memon’s private room in Ziauddin hospital.

We all are blind, deaf and dumb – Pakistan Zindabad.




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