Gang-rape in Lahore: Woman lured with job offer sexually abused

In yet another tragic incident of gang-rape in Lahore, a woman was abducted and sexually abused near the railway station after being called in from Narowal with promise of a job appointment.

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Gang-rape in Lahore: Woman lured with job offer sexually abused.

According to the details, the woman was abducted by the two suspects identified as Rehman and Talha near the railway station where she became the another victim of gang-rape in Lahore.

In her statement to the police, the woman said that she was called in from Narowal by Rehman and Talha with a job offer and both of them took her to nearby quarters after she got off the train in Lahore.

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Furthermore, the victim stated that a man named Naeem was already present at the quarter when they arrived and pretended to be the interviewer for the job that was offered.

The woman was then repeatedly gang-raped for two consecutive days by Rehman and Talha before she managed to escape and make her way to the police station where she registered the complaint.

According to an update provided by the police, the three suspects (Rehman, Talha and Naeem) have been arrested and a case has been lodged against them for legal proceedings.

There has been a recent surge in violence against women and children in Pakistan with rape cases being reported every single day along with a noticeable uptick in honor killings.

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