Girl allegedly raped by TikTok friend, two others in Lahore

LAHORE: A girl residing in Lahore was allegedly gang-raped by three men which also included her friend she made from TikTok, a short video sharing app.

Girl Raped TikTok Lahore
Girl allegedly raped by TikTok friend, two others in Lahore.

The girl became friends with Shiraz, one of the men involved in the incident on the video sharing app TikTok almost 20 days ago according to ARY News report.

UPDATE: TikTok friend arrested for rape of girl in Lahore

The girl has filed charged against her TikTok friend and two others at the Millat Park Police Station in Lahore and according to police the matter will be investigated and legal action will proceed after the medical tests are carried out of the victim.

According to victim’s police statement, Shiraz asked her to meet at Samanabad area in Lahore on June 13 and asked her to get in his car. However, upon getting in the car, two other men were already present in the vehicle and the girl was raped on gunpoint by all three men including her TikTok friend.

It is unclear if this is the first time Shiraz and his friends have preyed on someone like this but it certainly raises a serious concern.

Girl Raped TikTok Lahore
Girl files complaint after being gang-raped in Lahore.

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