Police crack down on group selling ‘gutka’ on WhatsApp

KARACHI: Law enforcement personnel have arrested a group for manufacturing ‘gutka’ and selling it through WhatsApp despite the strict ban on the dangerous substance.

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Police crack down on group selling ‘gutka’ on WhatsApp.

According to MMNews, the group of four was operating from Steel Town of Karachi and had moved to their ‘gutka’ business online by taking orders via WhatsApp to avoid arrest or catching any attention.

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The sale and manufacturing of the hazardous substance is strictly banned in Karachi and severe action is taken against violators thus the culprits made use of technology to get around the barrier.

However, the police received a tip about their operation and conducted a raid at their factory, seizing gutka worth millions of rupees along with raw material and machinery.

The factory was located in a compound between Karachi and Thatta where they manufactured their supply of ‘gutka’ then sold it off to customers by receiving orders via WhatsApp.

The suspects also confessed to their crime during the initial investigation and a case has been registered against them.

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