Islamabad lockdown: Multiple sectors de-sealed

ISLAMABAD: ICT authorities have de-sealed sectors I-8/3, I-8/4,G-9/1 and G-9/2 on Friday ending the smart lockdown at these localities in Islamabad according to a notification issued by the District Magistrate Office.

Islamabad lockdown, I-8/3, I-8/4,G-9/1, G-9/2
Islamabad lockdown: Multiple sectors de-sealed.

The second wave of coronavirus is already here and Pakistan is witnessing a surge is number of new infections as the country reported over 2,700 COVID-19 cases in a single day which is the highest in months.

However, Islamabad authorities are closely monitoring the situation and issuing implementing smart lockdown where necessary to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

This is a copy of the notification:

In related news, the Government of Punjab has banned indoor weddings and large public gatherings to control the coronavirus situation in the province with only allowing outdoor functions with upper limit of 300 people.

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