5 Things People don’t know about Pakistanis

I love the intensity with which Pakistani people love their country, food, life, sports, and music. A bustling nation full of life and expression. There are no inhibitions here! Not a shy nation.

Pakistanis’ make you feel just like one of their family. They open their hearts to you. I love the open Hearts ( khoola dill) and brave hearts (zinda dill) of Pakistani. Everything that has gone on, there is still this feeling of openness.


Pakistanis’ are really smart. They know the ground realities regarding politics, politicians, economics and world politic. There are just a lot of smart articulate people here. And, they will tell it like it is.


I found the average Pakistani to be free, fun loving, positive and upbeat. I love the spirit of celebration from Basant to Marriages to Pakistan cricket team winning celebrations. This is a nation that likes a good party.

I love how everyone here is called Auntie or Uncle. There is a cultural respect of elders that is really refreshing. People commonly refer to each other as sister and brother, older people have titles, parents are not called by there first names. That is not even mentioning the major charities like EDHI which helps the country provide ambulance services and emergency relief through out the whole country. A really honest respected charity.

People don’t know all of the good qualities about Pakistanis. The fun loving, the smart, the charitable, the caring part. I was reminded when I was in Pakistan this time people are getting the wrong idea about Pakistan. So, I should at least talk about my experiences in Pakistan. How I was treated, how easily I traveled throughout the country and how nice everyone was to me.

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