Clean and Green Pakistan campaign by PM Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched “Clean and Green Pakistan” initiative at a ceremony in Islamabad today.

Prime Miniter Imran Khan highlights the shortage of Public toilets in Pakistan, PM Khan said foreigners don’t visit Pakistan there are no toilets in Nothern areas.

Clean and Green Pakistan

Clean and Green Pakistan campaign by PM Khan

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Toilets in Pakistan

PM Khan said toilet facility is available just to 42% Pakistanis and lack of this facility also impacts upon tourism

PM directives to all the Petrol Pump owners to clean their public toilet from today and If any Petrol Pump’s toilet found dirty to send the image via WhatsApp and government will take against Pump owner.

Cleanliness Syllabus

Imran Khan urged members of the civil society to complement the efforts of the Government in creating necessary awareness about sanitation and environmental issues.  Advocates and ambassadors of clean and green Pakistan would also be designed from different segments of the society including media, celebrities and sportsmen.

He said cleanliness would form part of the syllabus from class one to five and a beginning has been made from institutions of the Federal Capital.

He said as part of the integrated solution, dumping sites would be identified from village to tehsil level for disposal of solid waste.

Waste to Energy Projects

Waste-to-Energy projects would be undertaken around these sites for generation of electricity to meet local requirements of power.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan also said to form a team of volunteers to monitor the Clean and Green Pakistan in all the provinces, districts, Cities, towns and Tehsils.


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