Pakbugs behind PKNIC Hacking – INSIGHT

“Pakbugs” – Arrested five members of this group in July 2010 The FIA said in a statement the group was involved in hacking or defacing thousands of websites belonging to government, non-government and international organisations.

“Pakbugs” founder Jawad Ehsan, alias Humza, remains at large and is believed to be based in Saudi Arabia, the statement said.

But it said co-founder Hassan Khan has been detained in the northwest Pakistani city of Peshawar, along with other members in Lahore, Bannu and Rawalpindi.

Idrees ruled out the hackers’ involvement in terrorism and said the men had been charged only with electronic crimes.

Jawad uses the hacker handle ZombiE_Ksa, and is the founder of PakBugs and probably the most famous of all the PakBugs hackers.

Ahmad Hafeez, arrested in Lahore.
Ahmad uses the hacker handle vergil, and is a moderator on the boards Pakbugs and Pakhaxorz. 

Hassan Khan, arrested in Peshawar.
Hassan uses the hacker handle x00mx00m, and is a co-founder of Pakbugs.

Farman Ullah Khan, arrested in Bannu.
Farman uses the hacker handle Farman, and was a VIP-member of Pakbugs.

Malik Hammad Khalid, arrested in Rawalpindi.
Malik uses the hacker handle inject0r, and was a “super moderator” at Pakbugs.

Taimoor Zafar Bhatti, arrested in Rawalpindi.
Taimoor uses the hacker handle h4v0c-, and was a “super moderator” at Pakbugs.

Also wanted by the FIA Cyber Crimes Department are:
and [a]

These individuals have expertise in following techniques:
01- Linux
02- SQL Injection
03- Trojan horses
04- Phishing
05- Rooting
06- Access to various servers
07- Botnets
08- PHP Scripts
09- Stealers
10- ASP scripts
11- JSP scripts
12- Key loggers
13- Credit Cards Jacking and usage of stolen Credit Cards

ZombiE_KsA =
x00mx00m =
Farman =
vergil =
Injector =
h4v0c- =
Cyb3r-Criminal =
BiG Smoke =
spo0fer =
[a] =


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