PM takes notice of pregnant woman’s brutal murder in Lahore

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday has taken a strong notice of a brutal incident in Lahore the other day in which a 25-year-old pregnant woman was beaten to death with bricks by her family for marrying without their consent.

“Such a brutal murder in the presence of police is simply not acceptable,” the prime minister said in a statement.

Sharif instructed that Punjab chief minister to take immediate action against the culprits. The prime minister has also ordered that a report be sent to his office by evening.

Farzana Parveen was killed by around two dozen relatives, including her father and brothers, who attacked her and her husband with batons and bricks. Neither the crowd of onlookers nor policemen present near the place and in the high court intervened.

Yesterday, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan also expressed serious alarm and disgust over the gruesome murder.

“HRCP is appalled by the manner of Farzana Parveen’s death just a few yards from the Lahore High Court on Tuesday. Her only crime was to marry of her own free will, a right that the law recognises for all adult citizens but one where the state has failed to prevent abuse and violence,” the commission had said in a statement.

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