PTA really banned it .. Well It was like happiness can’t be defined in words as I was reading comments on  Facebook and elsewhere,people thanking PTA as if  invading Israel, however the truth is PTA ordered, Cellular Networks to Ban Late Night Offers, where as they are likely to take Government to the Court on this, Nothing Banned yet !

Published in Today’s The News 

“PTA on Tuesday in a statement once again issued a directive to all telecommunication companies to stop late night mobile phone packages, on the grounds of “violating social norms and values” of the country. According to one of the Cellular Mobile Operators official, the late-night packages are asignificant source of revenue for the company. In the current market, as for people using only calling features, there’s a general misconception about SMS and services, whereas stats show that on an average more than 50 percent and above subscribers are SMS savvy.”

So as the Cellular Mobile operators Official said, If these Packages banned for real which they aren’t yet, Infact Ufone just introduced another one any hour of the day monthly package Rs.100 + Tax Ufone to Ufone , send sms on 4813 , This shows that they are good and active.

Personally I would like to add something here, Let’s say PTA Bans and all the Network companies takes initiatives, end result your normal calling rates would be doubled and beside it the Youth is smarter than PTA thinks, never underestimate them, If the package went off they will surely switch on Voip apps ( like Skype , Viber , Tango , You name it etc… ) in such case they can get 24/7 only in Rs.10 + Tax !!! PTA would Ban Night GPRS Packages too, I don’t think so…

Those who think after this step Youth would be right on track, Mistaken big time if took it away, next thing you will know their activities on the streets , since Youth is Restless and Hot Blooded  i don’t think Parents are prepared to find their children escape off from home and go on the streets, possibilities are endless once if you think seriously.

As for those who think, not everyone can afford GPRS enabled phone, let me tell you something interesting China made phones and Used Nokia / other etc brand phones , you can get GPRS enabled phone easily in 3000/-  or even less, than what ! Good to connect via GPRS. The youth would find the alternates no matter what ! so this PTA’s Ban and public’s happiness is totally useless, first prepare for the aftermath reactions on a longer term before banning such activity which least your kids are on the phone.

It is purely onto the parents and the Youth, Freedom should be explained before given, I don’t think this is main stream issue right at this time when, Terrorism and Target Killing is on the Hike, kindly focus on those issues due to which innocents are dying daily.

INCPak Team.


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