Shahrukh Jatoi, key accused in Shahzeb Khan murder case, is living at the residence of a Dubai-based businessman and legal formalities are being completed to extradite him back to Pakistan, UAE government confirmed.

The lack of coordination between the foreign offices of the two countries is hampering Shahrukh’s arrest while Dubai police might arrest him if things are coordinated properly.
Only an arrest request has been sent to the UAE Interpol and Interpol offices around the world by Pakistani Interpol.

According to the UAE government, Jatoi has been put on the Exit Control List as there is no sense of urgency on their part and the Dubai authorities would not arrest Jatoi unless legal formalities are met.

False claim by the officials, that shahrukh has been arrested in dubai and team went from here to bring him back, until now there hasn’t been anything as such.

Meanwhile AVCC SP Niaz Ahmed Khosa has left for Dubai take the accused into custody after Islamabad Interpol issued a diffusion notice instead of a red warrant,

INCPak . Yet there’s no confirm report ! Dubai is pretty far isn’t it, I guess SP Khosa went by road.



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