The Real Face of Zaid Hamid By Emaad Khalid

 Disclaimer : This post is not the courtesy of  Independent News Coverage Pakistan, The actual post link is given below, The purpose of posting it related to awareness, INCPak has no concern with the writer nor the Zaid Hamid.

 We are spreading awareness, Such topics / posts which are neglated by the Media which required to be focused INCPak is determined to unveil them and bring them upfront to the people of Pakistan, It’s your right to know !

The Real Face of Zaid Hamid, by Emaad Khalid by salahuddin_pakistani

By : Emaad Khalid !

Original Post link  The Real Face of Zaid Hamid 



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  1. If the Forum is Independent New Coverage then it should be Independent not Biased. Zaid Hamid is neither a Saint nor a Devil but above points are allegations yet to be proved and convicted.

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