Islamia College University Students Protest Against Sexual Harassment

The female of students of Islamic College University in Peshawar held a protest while demanding action sexual harassment on campus including the teachers involved in such activities.

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Islamia College University Students Protest Against Sexual Harassment.

Outraged by many incidents involving sexual harassment of female students at Islamia College University in Peshawar, the varsity organized a march from Ahmad Faraz Block towards the vice-chancellor’s office while chanting slogans against the management for not acting on complaints.

According to these students, they not only face sexual harassment at the hands of teachers but also by male students who sometimes pass objectionable comments and block their way on campus.

The students demanded that the administration must appoint a focal person to look into the complaints regarding harassment as the current committee in charge of such matters was ineffective and did nothing to adress their concerns.

The protest was led by Jabir Khan of the Law Department Islamian Fraternity with protestors holding placards with slogans against harassment at the university.

The varsity of Islamia College University was also joined by students of other universities who demanded the formation of a committee under the Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010 as per the Higher Education Commission (HEC) guidelines already in place against sexual harassment in educational institutes.

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