Justice For Uzma: Those who murdered her

LAHORE: Uzma was murdered on January 18th 2019. This is what happened and the images of those who murdered her brutally.

Uzma was just 16 years old, her father was a guard and belonged to a poor family. Like many poor families she was sent away to work as a house maid to make their ends meet.

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Uzma was working as a domestic worker for last eight month. Since she started working with those heartless barbarians her family was never allowed to meet her or even speak on the phone. Every time they came to meet their daughter they were sent away under the pretext that she is not home or she is sent away to Islamabad even though they could she her standing behind them.

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Uzma was being paid only Rs.4,000/month for being jailed and tortured for 24 hours a day, seven days a week till her life was taken. Every time any of her family member came to visit they just threw down Rs.2,500 from her salary to them from balcony above.

Justice For Uzma: Those who murdered her

The family who tortured and then murdered her often starved and physically abused her for whatever the reasons.

She was starved and was kept in the bathroom where she slept through the night. Did she ever sleep?? with all that pain and abuse was she actually able to sleep? Makes me wonder.

Uzma was murdered for a meager crime of taking a bite from their young daughter Muntaha Naeem’s plate. That’s all she did and one can easily say why she did that. Because she was starved.

Her face is unrecognizable from their brutal abuse, beatings and torture. She has been so severely tortured and starved that she does not even look like a sixteen year old girl. She was poor but was pretty and a happy girl eight months ago. Look what they have done to her.

Just a piece of bread and the mother hits hear head several times on her head with the metal plate that she dies there and then.

This killer mother had two daughter of her own. Instead of taking Uzma to a hospital she gave her electrical shocks. She thought she could bring her back by doing that. Alliterate and heartless woman.

After torturing for eight months and then finally murdering Uzma they dumped her body was dumped in a drain.

That was not enough the murderer’s after dumping her body went to police station to file a theft report against Uzma.

Her family has informed her body is covered with signs of torture and many fractured bones. Even her tongue has has been cut off.

Please those reading this post spread the word and demand justice for Uzma.

There are many Uzmas’ out there who are being tortured for just being poor. They all need to be saved and protected. Raise your voices and stand as one against child labor.

The Murderers of Uzma Should Be Severely Punished.

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  1. Hang the 3 evil women who killed Uzma. Uzma was a worker not their property. I get paid for my job does not mean anyone owns me.
    Hang them all, hang all evil doers and Pakistan would not be in a mess. Pakistan is hell, people are greedy inhumane and corrupt. Only a few decent people left.

  2. It is a heartless and evil crime. First of all no one under 16 should be made to work. There is a misappropriation of wealth. If there is no choice but work, then children should be monitored and contacted by newly appointed government officials. Funding for this endeavour could be done by increasing tax for the very few of the wealthy. Justice and equality for all citizens of Pakistan, irrespective of class, creed, ethnicity and religious affiliation. As for the culprits who killed uzma, they should be made to regret their evil act for the rest of their lives. Serving as a harsh lesson for anyone else who might be tempted to repeat this heinous crime.

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