Royal Visit Pakistan: Kate and William plane hit by fierce storm

Royal Visit Pakistan: Kate and William plane was hit by fierce storm today. Everyone is safe and sound and back in Lahore.

The plane returned to Lahore after failing two landing attempts at the Islamabad International Airport.

Islamabad was hit by a fierce electrical thunderstorm today. Kate Middleton and Prince William’s plane could not make the landing at the Islamabad airport.

The flight was of just 25 minutes but it had to be in air for two hours.

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The RAF Voyager carrying the royals failed to land at the Pakistan Royal Air Force base and commercial airport and had to return back to Lahore.

Royal correspondent for Sun has tweeted

Drama on the royal , flight… thunderstorms over Islamabad meant we had to abort two landings and have returned to Lahore.

She also informed by tweeting

Prince William came back to check everyone was OK and joked that the extreme turbulence (like a) was due to him flying the plane (he’s an experienced pilot). He also joked we could all go out for a night out in Lahore together! The @RoyalAirForce captain did a great job in

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ITV NEWS Royal Editor Chris Ship tweeted

The @royalairforce plane carrying Prince William & Kate just had to abort its landing in Islamabad in a fierce storm

After much shaking around in the air, the RAF Voyager used for #royalvisitPakistan turned around and has just landed back in Lahore (where we started)

If I’m honest … that was the most nervous I’ve ever felt in a plane

Mirror has reported lightning crashed around the right wing of the plane. The plane terror incident was reported to be hour-long.

The RAF Voyager circled around the capital city of Islamabad for around an hour but had to return back to Lahore.

The aircraft was also carrying journalists and other royal staff members.

One of the passenger on the plane confirmed the storm was pretty serious and called the flight a rollercoaster.

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