Lahore: Hira a Nineteen-Year-old bride to be ruthlessly murdered

LAHORE: Hira a nineteen-year-old bride to be was ruthlessly murdered by unidentified persons at Gurumangat Road, Lahore on Thursday night.

She was just nineteen when she was murdered. Her wedding day was just after three days.

She was murdered within the limits of Gulberg Police Station.

Last night someone rang the doorbell of her house. Her father went to check who was at the gate. On opening the gate the father was tortured and beaten up badly.

Hira a Nineteen-Year-old bride to be ruthlessly murdered

Two men had come on a bike. It is being said the men seem to know the family. On hearing the noise at the front gate, Hira also came out of the house.

She was forcefully dragged out of the house by the two men. She was taken to the nearby Gurumangat Road Cemetery.

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She was ruthlessly shot there by the kidnappers.

The police have said the assailants also took the girls’ jewelry. Her body has been shifted to hospital for autopsy. The police have already started the investigation and assured the murderers of Hira will be arrested soon.

The father is said to have resisted but the unidentified persons who were also armed, tortured and beat him up.

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