Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme: First Pre-Fabricated House inaugurated

ISLAMABAD: Naya Pakistan Development Authority Chairman Lieutenant General Retired Anwar Ali Hyder has inaugurated the first Pre-Fabricated House in Islamabad today under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in the capital city today to inaugurate the launch of the First pre-Fabricated House in Pakistan at Pak China Friendship Center.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme: First Pre-Fabricated House inaugurated

The construction of state of the art modular house was completed by a renowned Korean Company G-Songuo in association with Naya Pakistan Housing Development Authority.

Lieutenant General Retired Anwar Ali Hyder, speaking at the inaugural ceremony said, it is the top priority of the Government to provide low-cost houses to the low and middle-income groups of the country.

He also said, to materialize the dream of low-cost housing, the government will provide all facilities to the builders and all stakeholders.

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The representative of the G-Songuo company briefing the chairman said the two bedrooms fully furnished house was constructed within a period of just seven days.

Throwing further light on these Pre-Fabricated House, the representative of G-Songuo said, the company’s composite walls used in the construction are 43 times better than the brick wall, thus will reduce utility bills. These houses are also earthquake and fire-resistant. The G-Songuo company can build one to four-story houses and apartment buildings.

The company representative also said the G-Songuo is keen to work in Pakistan and highly interested to facilitate PM Imran Khan’s vision of constructing 5 million houses by building 18,000 houses and apartments in a year.

Pre-Fabricated House

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Pre-Fabricated House

Pre-Fabricated houses are being built to provide shelter to the homeless and poor people of the countries. These houses will be built in all big cities including Islamabad. All shanties in the slums would also be replaced with these houses.

The construction of prefabricated houses is comparatively cheaper and faster than traditional construction. The project will attract foreign investment and at the same time create job opportunities. It also aims to bring new and latest technology in the country.

How To Register for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Registration can be done online by visiting NADRA website for details click the link below:

‘Naya Pakistan Housing Program’ Online Form Submission


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