PM takes notice of overcharging at motorway rest areas

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken notice of the overcharging at motorway rest areas and ordered action to be taken against profiteers fleecing the public.

Overcharging motorway, motorway rest area
PM takes notice of overcharging at motorway rest areas.

The premier has ordered the National Highway Authority (NHA) and motorway police chief to take strict against against anyone overcharging public.

The decision comes after several complaints were received regarding the overcharging of food items at motorway rest areas stating that vendors were charging double or even triple the market price.

Most of these food items include basics like tea, coffee, juices, mineral water, beverages and snacks like chips.

Moreover, the prime minister has called for dedicated teams to be set up and assigned to carry out surprise inspections on regular basis and instructed authorities to seek assistance from district administration if needed.

Furthermore, banners will be put in place at these rest stops encouraging people to lodge complaint at the Citizen Portal for such practices.

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