Pakistan rupee falls, US dollar rises to all time high of Rs. 168.18

ISLAMABAD: The US dollar has reached at all time high of Rs. 168.18 on Monday according to the State Bank of Pakistan with Pakistani rupee being at its lowest in history.

Pakistan Rupee US Dollar
Pakistan rupee falls, US dollar rises to all time high of Rs. 168.18.

This is the highest the US dollar has reached so far with the Pakistan rupee sharply declining against the dollar recently.

The State Bank of Pakistan Tweeted about the rise of the US dollar by another 52 paisa in the Interbank market on Monday reaching Rs. 168.18 from the earlier Rs. 167.66, which is the highest in the history of the country.

Although, the economy has been greatly impacted due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Government says that it is working to get the economy back on track.

In other news, Pakistan Stock Exchange was attacked by four terrorists but security forces were able to avert the attack and take down the terrorists within eight minutes saving many lives.

Although, four PSX security guards along with a police personnel lost their lives in the gunfire.

Read more: All terrorists killed in Attack on Pakistan Stock Exhange (PSX).

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