Petrol Prices in Pakistan – UPDATE

ISLAMABAD: The government on Thursday revised prices of petroleum products, increasing the price of petrol by Rs1.48 per litre.

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Petrol Prices in Pakistan February 2018

Petrol will now retail at Rs77.47 per litre.

Prices of diesel was increased by Rs1.36 per litre, while the price for light-speed diesel (LSD) was increased by Rs3.12 per litre, said sources.

The government also increased the price of kerosene oil by Rs4.39 per litre.

After the increase, diesel will retail for Rs85.95, LSD for Rs52.12 and kerosene oil will be sold for Rs57.58.

The new prices will come into effect from December 1.

Product Name Rs./litre
E10 Gasoline 73.49
Altron Premium 75.99
Action+ Diesel 84.59
LDO 49.00
SKO 53.19
JP-1 52.91

Petrol Prices in Pakistan November 2017

The ministry also increased the price of kerosene oil by Rs5.19 per litre.

New prices are as follow:

Petrol: Rs 75.99 per litre

High-speed Diesel (HSD): Rs 84.59 per litre

Light Diesel: Rs 49 per litre

Kerosene: Rs 53.19 per litre

 Petrol Prices in Pakistan October 2017

With the fresh cut of Rs1.20 per litre, the price of petrol has come down to Rs72.80 per litre from Rs74 per litre. And with diesel getting cheaper by Rs1.60 per litre, the new price will be Rs81.40 per litre as against Rs83 per litre earlier.

However, the prices of kerosene oil and LDO have been maintained at the existing level of Rs44 per litre.

Here you can check the previous record – Petrol Price in Pakistan year wise

Petrol Price in Pakistan

Retail Price
HOBC unconfirmed
Premium 75.99 per litre
High Speed Diesel   Rs 84.59
Light Speed Diesel 49 per litre
Kerosene Oil 53.19 per litre

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