30pc of tests conducted yesterday in Balochistan came back positive

QUETTA: While addressing the media Balochistan government Spokesperson Liaquat Shahwani said that at least 30 percent of coronavirus tests conducted in Balochistan yesterday came back possitive.

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30pc of tests conducted yesterday in Balochistan came back positive.

The day before on Thursday the percentage of results that came back possitive was just 21 percent so the number of cases in the country will likely increase in the coming days as lockdown is eased.

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Liquat Shahwani while addressing the media said:

We have also been doing random testing of which some 18 to 20pc results are coming back positive. In the next phase, we will conduct aggressive testing so we can have an idea of the trajectory of cases in the province,

The Bolochistan spokesperson also mentioned that the fatality rate in the province is 1.5 percent and has been for the last couple of months while the recovery rate is now at 13.8 percent. Liaquat Shahwani said:

The fatality rate is only 1.5 per cent, this average is same for the last few months. The recovery rate was 55pc then reduced to 15pc now it’s 13.8, it’s a little less than before,

Balochistan is going to be following a smart lockdown from now as the government moved towards easing restrictions.

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