Prime Minister Imran Khan Assembly Victory Speech

ISLAMABAD-  On winning the election for premiership of Pakistan, Imran Khan was invited by Asad Qaisar, Speaker Assembly to speak. Imran Khan delivered a speech which had following points:

  • I am thankful to Allah for giving me the opportunity
  • I am thankful to people of Pakistan for choosing PTI
  • Accountability will be across the board.
  • I have struggled 22 years to reach here
  • I have not been raised on the lap of some military dictator
  • Parliament will decide how to bring back the looted money
  • If previous governments had agreed my petitions for electoral reforms they would have a much fairer election process
  • I was the first captain who introduced  neutral empire and we will do the same for ECP
  • We have not rigged the elections and we won’t stop anyone from investigating.
  • I won’t be blackmailed, if the opposition wants a sit-in we will provide containers and food too.
  • No one who are stolen from treasury would not get an NRO


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