Will not rest until PUBG ban in Pakistan is lifted: Waqar Zaka

Pakistan TV host Waqar Zaka says that he will not rest until PUBG ban in Pakistan is lifted saying the ban is the result of people who do not want Pakistan to advance digitally and want to control masses over matters they don’t agree with.

PUBG Ban Pakistan Unbanned
Will not rest until PUBG ban in Pakistan is lifted: Waqar Zaka.

Waqar Zaka in his video mentioned that some people came to visit him at his house about the matter and according to him, those people were not in support of getting the PUBG ban in Pakistan lifted.

UPDATE 14 July: PUBG ban in Pakistan – Update from IHC hearing.

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Even though the media personality did not mention anyone by name or disclose details of the meet, it was clear that those people visiting might have tried to threaten him as he wants PUBG unbanned in Pakistan and he warned them in his video that they were being filmed at the time of the meeting and if anything was to happen to him, the footage will be uploaded on the internet.

He also asked help from his supporters and fans for development of an Android and iOS application in order to register people for protest not only against the PUBG ban but also against the government’s inability to legalize crypto-currency and bring PayPal to Pakistan.

Waqar Zaka wants people to stand up and bring about a digital revolution in Pakistan and none of this will be possible if PUBG is unbanned as it is a serious matter and a big blow towards the ESports industry in the country.

Previously, a petition was filed against the ban in the Sindh High Court by the social media personality and he seems to be adamant towards getting the online multiplayer game unbanned in the country.

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As we all know that Pakistani PUBG Mobile team Freestyle was set to compete in the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2020 and was not allowed to play in the tournament unless the ban was lifted.

This is what Waqar Zaka has been talking about all this time and that is the government taking away opportunities from youth without completely understanding what they are even doing.

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