Punjab Govt approves authority for development of most modern city

LAHORE: The Government of Punjab has plans to develop what is being termed as a “most modern city” just north of Lahore which will be situated over 100,000 acres of land.

most modern city river ravi front authority
Punjab Govt approves authority for development of modern city.

The Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has given the green signal on the establishment of the River Ravi Front Authority (RRFA) which will be responsible for the “most modern city” project.

The provincial government will soon enact an ordinance in this regard the River Ravi Front Authority (RRFA) will start its work on setting up the new “most modern city” north of Lahore under which a Dubai like city is to be constructed.

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The whole project is expected to cost Rs. 5 trillion and it will be funded with the help of the private sector. The city will give residents of Lahore a sigh of relief as it will help overcome current issues being faced by one of the second most populated cities in Pakistan such as traffic congestion.

However, not much else is currently known about the project and we are expecting more details soon.

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