Petition filed in LHC to stop Aurat March 2020

LAHORE: A petitioner named Munir Ahmed filed a petition in the Lahore High Court (LHC) to stop Aurat March 2020 on Monday.

Lahore High Court has accepted the petition and accepted to hear the case on 27 February 2020 just a week before Aurat March takes place on 8 March 2020.

Aurat March 2020 Lahore High Court LHC Munir Ahmed Petition
Petition filed by Munir Ahmed in Lahore High Court to stop Aurat March 2020.

Aurat March is organized every year to mark the International Women’s Day in different cities of Pakistan. According to the petition Aurat March is funded by “anti state parties” and with the “hidden agenda is to spread anarchy, vulgarity and hatred”.

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The petition reads:

If Aurat March 2019 is taken in account, it can clearly be observed that the so-called ‘Aurat March’ is nothing but an anti-state activity aimed at tarnishing the dignity of women and tarnishing the image of Islam,

further adding that the “morality and decency have to be safeguarded and protected by the state at all costs”.

The petition was filed two days after a mural was created by volunteers at Hussain Chowk for Aurat March 2020 was torn down.

According to SAMAA news, a volunteer said in a statement:

We had arranged a poster competition where female illustrators and designers were told to design posters for the march and send them in,

The expected date for the hearing is 27 February and no final decision has been taken at his point.

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