Lahore Metro Bus Service Game Over

On Sunday CM Punjab inaugurated Metro Bus Service In Lahore and it was suppose to be free for a month for all, The First ever Metro Bus Service in the history of Pakistan just the next day it was this is how people getting on the bus.

Broken the Glasses, seats damaged the buses this is how Lahore welcomed Radpid Transit Metro Bus Service, I am sure there must be huge massive politics behind this too but poor buses got damaged =(


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Aalamgir Ali Actually we didn’t deserve for it, We r a nation driven by “Danda” like a donkey.. It is totaly wrong to free service for 1 moth.. bcaz peoples r enjoying “MUFTAA” Peoples r using as Picnic..

Ŝhệiķĥ Nømƛn CM Punjab have given a state of the art transport to us and we can’t even show patience. by this ratio we will wreck each bus in no tym, its a shame. we should care that its our tax money which we are destroying.

Nasir Javaid these idiots need education on how to use their ride… this is really stupid behavior shown by ppl of lahore. 

Shahzaib Sohail Hahahaha. I think they r enjoying a MUFTAA for one month. Which is cancelled now!!:-))

Abdul Wakeel Khan Most of the idiots are making picnic in these buses like they have never traveled in a bus before, thats why authorities have decided to start taking fare before one complete month

Syed Mohammad Ali These people don’t deserve this, they like to be kick on their……. !

Sharing Is Caring Hahahahaha: good going people!!!


I am not saying a word about Metro Bus service nor how much spent on it, but seems like wrong place and the wrong time completely after viewing the image, I really felt sad hope this Rapid Service teaches some manners to these Rapid people because a day back everyone comparing with Istanbul now I can say ” W 11 – Karachi Yellow Devils ” Itehad Transport ” Mafia in Karachi.  Same like that wondering why aren’t they people on roof top rest its all perfect.

well have your say share your thoughts and comments, is this how people’s do when they suddenly get the Free Service or the Picnic thing is Right ?

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