Maryam Aurangzeb hints a government change in 2 months

Maryam Aurangzeb has doubled down on the argument made by Rana Mashood that Punjab government will be changed within two months.

PMLN Leader Rana Mashood, in a press conference a few days ago, claimed that PMLN will take back government within two months. Talking to the press Mr. Mashood said “We are on good terms with the establishment and establishment regrets that PMLN lost the election.”

Later the party refuted his claims and Shahbaz Sharif kicked him out of the party but it seems he wasn’t alone is such beliefs.

Miss Aurangzeb and Uzma Bukhari, two female leader of PMLN reiterated the same claim when the police wasn’t allowing them to meet former Chief Minister Punjab at his hearing.

Speaking to the policemen at duty the duo said “Our time will come too and it’s not far away. It’s a matter of just two months. We will be back in power.”



How does the party feel about this? Is it the party policy or another claim by a lone leader is yet to be seen.

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