NA-154 PMLN Wicket down as PTI completes hat-trick

The Election Tribunal on Wednesday ordered reelection in NA-154 constituency won by PML-N candidate. The panel issued its ruling on a petition filed by PTI’s Jahangir Tareen in a case of alleged vote fraud in 2013 elections on the seat.

Tareen had accused Baloch of rigging in the elections and challenged his educational degree too.

The election tribunal Multan on Wednesday announced its verdict in favour of Jahangir Tareen over a petition filed by the former secretary general of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) against alleged rigging in NA-154 in 2013 election.


Election tribunal is expected to announce its decision on NA-154 alleged rigging case in Multan, today.

The election tribunal will decide whether PTI candidate Jahangir Tareen will be able to de-seat Siddique Khan Baloch of PML-N.

Workers of both parties, gathered outside the election tribunal have clashed, tearing at each other’s clothes and chanting slogans.

Earlier in the day, PML-N MNA and PTI senior leaders visited the election tribunal.

Talking to media Tareen said, “I am hopeful about my victory.”

Baloch contested as an Independent candidate and won the elections with 86,177 votes, while PTI candidate bagged 75,955 votes. Later, the winning candidate joined PML-N.

Tareen rejected the election result and filed an application with the Election Commission of Pakistan for recounting of votes.

PML-N lawmaker Siddique Baloch, the winner of NA-154 constituency of Multan, has dismissed all allegations levelled against him by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s rival candidate, Jahangir Tareen.

“Neither rigging was carried out in my constituency during 2013 elections nor have they any proof regarding my degree which they call fake. If they proved their allegations, I will quit politics,” said Baloch while explosively speaking to Media .

He dismissed all charges of rigging and vote fraud, saying that report regarding unverified votes cast in NA-154 was not authentic.

“If the tribunal ordered recounting, my votes will increase… What can I do if there were some election malpractice in my constituency,” he said.

An Election Tribunal (ET) is all set to announce ruling on a case of alleged vote fraud in elections on the seat won by Baloch.

His victory as MNA was challenged Tareen who accused Baloch of rigging in the elections and challenged his educational degree too.

Baloch notched up the seat in May 2013 general elections as an independent candidate and later joined PML-N ranks. He bagged 86,177 votes followed by 75,955 votes of Tareen

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